Publication of volume on Benvenuti-Grubicy Techniques and Materials

April 2015

37596_OLTRE_IL_DIVISIONISMO_COP_3B(1)A volume entitled Oltre il Divisionismo. Tecniche e materiali nell’atelier Grubicy-Benvenuti, (Beyond Divisionism – techniques and materials from the Grubicy-Benvenuti studio) edited by Mattia Patti, has been published by Pacini and contains the results of a research conducted on materials from the studios of Grubicy and Benvenuti and on paintings from the Grubicy-Benvenuti Collection (Fondazione Livorno).

The work is divided into three sections. The first focuses on the sources used by the artists, on painting materials from the Grubicy-Benvenuti studio, on conservation, and on firms such as Lefranc and Calcaterra. The second presents the analytical techniques employed for scientific analysis. The third section deals with Grubicy’s technique and with detailed case studies of selected paintings, combining data from archival and scientific research.