Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies, CNR, Perugia


Coordinator of the Research Group: Francesca Rosi

The Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies of CNR (CNR-ISTM) is responsible for analysis of paintings using non-invasive instrumentation and brings significant competence on the application of state of the art non invasive and portable methods for the analysis of works of art.

Expertise of CNR-ISTM

CNR-ISTM has over a decade of expertise in the analysis of cultural heritage. The analysis of cultural heritage materials, often complex and heterogeneous matrices, has led to the development of multidisciplinary competences at the CNR-ISTM and significant expertise in the use of different analytical techniques, both in the laboratory and with portable non-invasive innovative instrumentation. The CNR-ISTM group is affiliated with the Centro di Eccellenza SMAArt (Scientific Methodologies applied to Archaeology and Art) of the University of Perugia. The union between CNR-ISTM and SMAArt gave rise to the mobile laboratory known as MOLAB which is composed of advanced portable and non-invasive instrumentation.

Analytical Techniques

Research will be carried out using point-like non-invasive spectroscopic techniques which will be applied both to the study of models and to the analysis of paintings in situ in museums and collections. The study of paintings using non-invasive point-like analyses will be guided by the results obtained with imaging techniques furnished by other research groups participating in the project. The multi-technical non-invasive approach will allow a thorough examination of paintings without the need for sampling. The group at CNR-ISTM will also work on the spectroscopic study of  possible microsamples from paintings, in addition to materials from painters’ studios and manufacturers.

Laura Cartechini
Chemist, Researcher

Francesca Gabrieli
Chemist, Ph.D Student and Research fellow

Costanza Miliani
Chemist, Researcher

Aldo Romani
Chemist, Assistant Professor

Francesca Rosi
Chemist, Researcher