‘More than Meets the Eye’: catalogue of the exhibition at the Estorick Collection in London

September 2015

LocandinaThe catalogue of the exhibition More than Meets the Eye: New Research on the Estorick Collection (London, Estorick Collection,  23 September-20 December 2015) is composed by 12 wide entries gathering results of the scientific investigations and the new archival research carried out on the works of art by Balla, Boccioni, Carrà, de Chirico, Russolo, Severini, Soffici. These studies have led to a number of significant discoveries on the paintings’ history, such as the layers of paint hidden beneath the surface of The Hand of the Violinist by Balla and the ‘new painting’ unveiled on the rear of Soffici’s Deconstruction of the Planes of a Lamp.