NMR mouseNMR-MOUSE relaxometry. The portable instrument (Mobile Universal Surface Explorer by ACT GmbH, Roetgen,DE) consists of an unilateral NMR relaxometer purposely created for the study of cultural heritage unmovable objects. The portable device is equipped with a specific magnetic probe for 1H supplied by a Bruker Minispec console and with a laptop computer for the data acquisition.

NMR depth profiling. A second specific probe can generate a magnetic field of an area of 1 cm2 and a thickness in the depth direction that can be selected from 200 to 2.3 microns. This probe, assembled on a movable micrometric lift, can be positioned step by step with a precision of 10 microns to scan the profile of the examined material through the interested depth.


Bernhard Blümich, Federico Casanova, et al., Noninvasive Testing of Art and Cultural Heritage by Mobile NMR Account of Chemical Research 43, 2010, pp. 761-770 and references therein.