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Austin Nevin, chemist and conservator, is a Researcher at the CNR-IFN where he has worked since 2011, and he is the coordinator of the CNR-IFN research group for the FUTURAHMA project.

His research focuses on the analysis of paintings and painting materials, and the study of ancient and modern cultural heritage using optical and spectroscopic techniques. He is the co-author of over 40 publications, one of the editors of the Springer series  Cultural Heritage Science and a member of the permanent scientific committee of the LACONA and of the TECHNART conferences. He has served as the coordintor of the Scientific Research Working Group of ICOM-CC (from 2011-2014) and is a Council Member and Fellow of the IIC (since 2013). Following a degree in Chemistry (Mchem) from the University of Oxford (2001) and a 3-year MA in the Consrvation of Paintings (Wall Paintings) from the Courtauld Institute of Art (2004), Nevin went on to obtain a PhD from the Courtauld entitled “Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy for the analysis of proteinb-based binding media” (2008). Between 2004-2007 he won a Marie Curie Early Stage Training Fellowship at IESL-FORTH (Greece) where his research focussed on the analysis of paintings using laser-based techniques.

 Selected Publications in International peer-reviewed journals:

S. Bellei, A. Nevin, A. Cesaratto, V. Capogrosso, H. Vezin, C. Tokarski, G. Valentini, and D. Comelli, Multianalytical Study of Historical Luminescent Lithopone for the Detection of Impurities and Trace Metal Ions, «Analytical Chemistry» (2015) Vol. 87 Issue 12, pp. 6049-6056.

V. Capogrosso, F. Gabrieli, S. Bellei, L. Cartechini, A. Cesaratto, N. Trcera, F. Rosi, G. Valentini, D. Comelli, and A. Nevin, An integrated approach based on micro-mapping analytical techniques for the detection of impurities in historical Zn-based white pigments, «Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry» (2015) Vol. 30, pp. 828-838.

Contribution to some records and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (pp. 98-99) in More than Meets the Eye: New Research on the Estorick Collection, edited by R. Cremoncini and M. Patti, catalogo della mostra, London, Estorick Collection, 23 settembre – 20 dicembre 2015, Estorick Collection, London, 2015.

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A. Nevin, S. Bellei, R. Fontana, F. Gabrieli, F. Rosi, C. Marchese, M. d’Ayala Valva, D. Kunzelman, E. Buzzegoli, and M. Patti, Futurist Painters – Interdisciplinary research on written sources, artists’ materials and paintings, in ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference Preprints (Melbourne, 15–19 September 2014) a cura di J. Bridgland, art. 1309, Paris, International Council of Museums (ISBN 978-92-9012-410-8).

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