A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Analysis of Historical Red Lake Pigment Samples

October 29-1st November 2014. Glasgow

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During the 33rd international conference Dyes in History and Archaeology (Glasgow, Oct. 29-1st Nov. 2014),  dedicated to the latest interdisciplinary research in the history, production, application, characterisation and preservation of natural and synthetic organic dyes and pigments relevant to cultural heritage, Diane Kunzelman gave an oral presentation on A multi-disciplinary approach to analysis of historical red lake pigment samples. Our work consisted in multi-disciplinary art-historical study and scientific investigation of historical red lake pigments and colorants sampled at the Lefranc & Bourgeois Archive (now ColArt) in Le Mans (France), and reported on the results about the materials’ nature, composition and relevance for the analysis of works of art and for conservation.