Presentation of the first results of FUTURAHMA’s researches at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

New York, NY, July 17th, 2014

FuturismEventAs a parallel event on the occasion of Guggenheim’s Exhibition Italian Futurism 1909-1944. Reconstructing the Universe (curator Vivien Greene), the FUTURAHMA group was invited to present and share the results of this first year of researches on Futurist sources and works of art. During the one day conference organized by Carol Stringari (Deputy Director and Chief Conservator of the Guggenheim Foundation), papers have been presented by the leaders of the various research groups:
Mattia Patti: Planning and Variations of Futurist Compositions: Multispectral Reflectographic ScanningMargherita d’Ayala Valva: Grasping Words, assimilating routines and techniques of re-working. Artists’ reading-writing practices from Divisionism to FuturismAustin Nevin: Mapping Fluorescence of Materials in Futurist Painting; Francesca Rosi: A Non-invasive Multitechnique Approach for the Study of Futurist Paintings.